Thursday, September 13, 2007

Really, Really Sad

I received an email during the night that is a textbook example of psychosis. I'm just reproducing the beginning of this rambling and bizarre email:
You must read all the below to fully understand the threat in your community...

Briefly, as the one time officer, Ted Teeter Jr, White River Jct, Vermont, from three different states, you have this email as a warning of a threat in your community that remains undetected now after numerous years. Further, the below described technology is utilized on those we interact with before their position allows for the calculation of our position we become the next victim which often leads to the victimization of the entire family, children. Interaction in schools, the market or in traffic as we drive allows for the calculation of our position, exponential growth in victimization numbers. Additionally, this email is provided without malicuous intent or to resemble the work of the unstable or estranged individual, I am quite within faculty as I allow the below testimony that is factual and supported by observations, investigations of satellite trajectories and documentation within your region. Below as you read through this letter you'll observe facts that are supported by a classified document furnished far below as I decsribe a technology that has been in use and remains the undetected within hundreds of members of your community and those of within my region and thousands nationally, internationally. Breifly, I was attacked as a very young child by a technology that utilizes a satellite trajectories, "satellite pole" military terminology to provide a continuous connection with a humans neurological system while they never detect the presence which is altering the subjects thoughts, beliefs, decisions, judgements and reasoning along with emotions. To ensure you that the following letter is not specific to myself I'll allow that recently in my community the technology was utilized to neurologically instruct two families that burned their homes down around themselves while they remained inside as their children slept. Upon awareness of my victimization US Army personnel utilizing a process referred to as "audio voices, radar hearing", a process that allows personnel to relay a electromagnetic "voice" within the human subject, provided "Start a church..." several times before a young female eleven years of age from "Sarasota, Fla" was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a "Joseph Smith" as well of Florida. I reside only a few miles away from the mormon churches founders, "Joseph Smith" birthplace in South Royalton, Vermont. Essentially, US Army personnel are utilizing unsuspecting victims of the technology to commit crimes they normally would not have without grotesque alterations in neurological respect. While the subjects recieve foreign neurological instruction US Army personnel provide "Human robots..Zombies etc"
I have no idea who this guy is, but it is the case that people with these severe delusions sometimes let others know about these "conspiracies" before going off the deep end, such as Larry Gene Ashbrook's letters to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, some weeks before he went into Wedgewood Baptist Church and murdered seven people. Others give no advance warning, such as Russell Eugene Weston Jr., who murdered two U.S. Capitol police officers in 1999. From U.S. v. Russell Eugene Weston, Jr. (D.C.App. 2000):
Forty-three years old and having a history of mental illness, Weston has lived with family members for most of his life. He has worked for only brief periods as a laborer, maintenance man, and mechanic. The prison psychiatrist who treated Weston and who concluded that he was not competent to stand trial, Dr. Sally Johnson, reported that Weston told her the following: While "working for NASA" in the early 1980's, he developed a "Ruby Satellite System," a powerful reverse time machine that enables users to "push time in reverse.... by passing us through the Jurassic Sea, putting us into another time frame." For those like Weston with access to the "Ruby Satellite System," nothing is permanent-the user can simply reverse time. If convicted and executed, Weston will "simply be time reversed, put into a safe in the Capitol, and be able to resume his life at whatever point he chooses."

Weston gave Dr. Johnson considerable detail about the Ruby Satellite System. Although the system was originally used infrequently, "those who are now in control are basically cannibals." They have overused the system and "worn time down to 1/32 of one element of time," spawning the development and spread of "Black Heva," a disease similar to HIV or the plague. Black Heva "result[s] from human corpses rot- ting, turning black, and spreading the most deadliest disease known to mankind." Black Heva will soon reach "epidemic proportions," killing thirty-five percent of the people in the United States. System overuse also has resulted in "computers not working right, bones being irregularly shaped, tele- phone poles and electric poles being uneven, buildings leaning, ... rock structures distorting and swelling, [and] unequal ground swelling and wide spread earthquakes." Users can access the Ruby Satellite System through three different consoles, one of which is on the first floor of the U.S. Capitol and has the capacity to override the entire System. Located in the "great safe of the U.S. Senate," the override console is accessible through a "room that is entered by going in the front of the Capitol and taking a door to the left, next to the elevators." Because "time was running out," Weston had to get to the override console in the Capitol so that he could stem the spread of Black Heva and prevent further calamities.
Mr. Teeter's email is very troubling. Clearly, Mr. Teeter is mentally ill--and in a form that has historically led to violence. As my postings about deinstitutionalization over the last few months have pointed out, even if the appropriate mental health authorities where he lives (apparently in Vermont) were informed of Mr. Teeter's condition, they couldn't do much about it--until he becomes a bloody headline.

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