Monday, September 10, 2007

More Ferocious Satire By Scrappleface

More Ferocious Satire By Scrappleface

In response to Osama bin Laden's demand that we all convert to Islam:

(2007-09-07) — Just hours after the release of al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden’s latest video message inviting all Americans to convert to Islam, U.S. President George said he would “seriously consider the offer, because it sure would simplify the war in Iraq.”

“If I convert to Islam and order all of our troops to do the same,” said Mr. Bush, “we can stay in Iraq indefinitely, drop the restrictive rules of engagement, save a lot of money by using cheap, unguided bombs, clear neighborhoods flat out, blow up mosques with impunity and still go to heaven — not to mention that I’d get more favorable coverage from the U.S. news media.”

Yup! The stuff that al-Qaeda does around the world--and brags about, like beheading people with swords--gets almost no negative press--while actions that the U.S. military punishes (like rape and murder)--gets enormous negative press. Why is that? Just leftist hypocrisy, I suppose.

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