Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lube, Oil, Filter, and a Rat, Please

Lube, Oil, Filter, and a Mouse, Please

I took the Corvette in for an oil change at Wal-Mart, dropped it off--and then picked it up a couple of hours later. The service writer informed that when they opened the hood, they had a little surprise waiting for them--a snake curled around the warmth of the engine. And yes, it was still alive, and no, they decided that checking all the vital fluids did not include removing the snake.

I can't claim that I'm surprised. There are enough field mice that our cat Tater catches in the garage that I am not surprised that a snake would scurry in there as well. Now that the weather has cooled off (from summer heat to surprisingly cool fall days right on the autumnal equinox), I suspect that my hitchhiker curled up in the nice warm engine compartment some evening after I pulled into the garage.

I told my wife, and she insisted that we go out and take a look for the snake under the hood. By then, several hours had elapsed. Perhaps he left in pursuit of a less terrifying warm place to sleep; perhaps fell off as I was driving home.

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