Monday, September 17, 2007

Redefining Success

I am inclined to believe that the ozone hole concerns were legitimate, even if later evidence suggests that it was more related to sunspot cycle. But Eric over at Classical Values points out that the definition of success for the ozone hole crowd is more related to laws passed than measurable progress on shrinking the Ozone Hole:

We have succeeded in shrinking the hole that's growing
Ever since its invention discovery in 1985, the Ozone Hole has been hovering malevolently over our sore earth's southernmost spot, and like a cosmic hemorrhoid, it causes the earth great pain -- right in the axis!
Last year, the Ozone Hole was the biggest on record, according to NASA. (The biggest since 1985, of course.)
But to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, scientists are claiming "success." Apparently, success is not defined in terms of appreciable shrinking of the Ozone Hole, but by the promulgation of regulations which (it is asserted) will cause the Ozone Hole to shrink by reducing the chemicals said to cause Ozone depletion. Thus, regulation of anthropogenic global warming will work!

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