Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ron Paul's Supporters

I mentioned a few weeks back my discomfort with some of Ron Paul's supporters, and some of the things Ron Paul wrote after the 1988 campaign that were two steps back from "international Jewish bankers control the world." Now I see that Stormfront and other neo-Nazi organizations are apparently getting behind Ron Paul's campaign--which is not surprising, since these groups are also heavily engaged in opposition to the Iraq War:
In this post on Lone Star Times 12 days ago, Hamous had a simple request for the Ron Paul campaign:
But I do, however, think it is perfectly reasonable to ask him to speak out officially and demand the Nazis and all other racist groups remove these links, and insist unambiguously that he doesn’t want the support, either financial or in the form of votes, of any white supremacist.
As directed by the local Ron Paul legislative office, Lone Star Times Managing Editor Matt Bramanti has left three messages over a four day period with the Ron Paul 2008 national campaign spokesman, DEMANDING answers to four specific questions regarding this issue.
  1. We are assuming that the ad appearing on Stormfront was the result of the site’s owners actions, not the campaign’s– correct? Please confirm that’s the case.
  2. Will the campaign take measures to block Stormfront as a referring URL, so no more donations can come from there?
  3. Will they take any steps to track past donations that come from people who arrived at their donation page from Stormfront, and return any such donations?
  4. Will they take any legal action, or simply send an official request to the site, telling them that their association is unwelcome and demand that they remove the link?
The Paul campaign has not responded to Bramanti, the questions remain unanswered, and the phenomenon continues to grow. Everyday, more supporters of Ron Paul are advertising on white nationalist, separatists, racist websites.
The New Republic is also concerned:

Daniel Siederaski of the Jewish Telegraph Agency has a story that should rile all those liberals oddly attracted to the presidential candidacy of Ron Paul: not only have neo-Nazis vocally expressed support for his campaign and form a crucial part of his online spam brigades, but one of their leaders has donated money and the Texas Republican hasn't decided yet whether to return it. Siederaski has been trying to get in touch with the Paul campaign for an explanation, but thus far, his many phone calls have gone unreturned, leading him to conclude that "Ron Paul will take money from Nazis. But he won’t take telephone calls from Jews."
If you have the stomach for it, you can see their endorsements of Ron Paul's campaign at Vanguard News Network (their masthead says, "No Jews. Just Right."):
Ron Paul’s opponents, whether left-wing or right-wing, should be nervous. Because Paul’s ideas - such as “isolationism” in foreign matters and reforming America’s money system - could spread far and wide. And some people, especially Jews, don’t want that to happen. They want America to keep fighting wars for Israel.
Ron Paul's supporters aren't necessarily an indication of where Ron Paul stands. But he does need to denounce these hatemongers. Of course, if he does so, some of the Ron Paul supporters that I have met would probably lose heart.

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