Monday, November 12, 2007

Corporation Manipulating Public Opinion

I was watching the news earlier, and someone mentioned that a major U.S. corporation--indeed, one of the largest on Earth--has been engaged in some very sneaky propaganda. They actually managed to get an entire television network to devote itself for a week--even changing their sitcoms to fit the theme--and it is a theme that will benefit the corporation's economic interests.

No, not Halliburton. General Electric. They are a big player in everything from solar power to compact fluorescent light bulbs--and their network, NBC, devoted last week to "Green is Universal." Oh yeah, and they bought up Enron's energy trading schemes a while back, when Enron was in trouble.

Isn't it amazing how the same crowd that sees the Iraq War as a payback to Halliburton doesn't say a word about a company with substantial business interests in global warming hysteria using its control of a television network to promote their policies?

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