Friday, November 16, 2007

Is This Too Much Like The Memory Hole in 1984?

Early this year, the Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog reported a news story about a man who was shot by his father. Now, the man who was shot tells me that he was found innocent on all criminal charges related to the incident, and his father is now being prosecuted for bribing a government official--presumably in relation to the incident. He wants not just a correction or an update (although I can't find any news accounts of his being cleared)--but for the posting to disappear.

Now, he has some good reasons that I won't go into for why he would like all references to this unfortunate situation to go away. But since there are no news accounts that show that he was cleared--and I have received no official documents showing that he was cleared--and even all accounts of the original shooting have disappeared--this is beginning to feel a bit like the memory hole in 1984.

Any thoughts?

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