Saturday, November 19, 2005

House Project: Air Conditioning Compressor Installed

Not much has happened--apparently our electrician is too busy to get to our house until Wednesday. The good news is that the air conditioning compressor is installed!

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The energy efficiency label indicates that this is the least efficient compressor available.

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I don't think this is particularly a problem, however. I am expecting to need the air conditioning at most a couple weeks a year in summer, so it doesn't make sense to spend a lot of extra money for a high efficiency air conditioning compressor that will only get used occasionally.

Why bother with air conditioning if I am expecting only minimal use? If it gets to 85 or even 90 degrees in the daytime around here, that's only slightly uncomfortable because humidity is very low in summer in Boise. In the daytime, you just open some windows and let the cross-breezes take care of you.

The problem is that if it is 75 degrees at night, I can't sleep. This was a problem when we lived in California--hot days are annoying--hot nights are hopeless.

The gas line is in place for the backup generator.

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The generator is still in the box, however, waiting for the electrician to install it.

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It is really quiet up there. If you have a high speed connection, click here to download some video to hear how quiet.

Last house project entry.

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