Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Distributed Research & Development

I've decided to start making the ScopeRoller Quick Release Toe Saver for mounts other than the Losmandy--but I don't have ready access to any other mounts, except for a friend here in Boise with a Celestron CG-4 mount. So I've decided to do a "distributed research and development" activity. I'm advertising on that:
I've decided to start making them for other mounts as well--and if you are the first customer to request a quick release toe saver that fits your particular mount, and if I decide that there is likely to be enough future sales, you, being the first customer (and guinea pig), get it for free. All you pay is shipping charges, which will be under $1.50 in the continental U.S. (I ship these by first class mail.)

I already make these for the Losmandy mount, and the Celestron CG-4 mount or similar. I would especially be interested in hearing from those of you with any of the mass market mounts.

If you aren't the first customer for your mount, well, it's still a bargain at $30, postage paid in the U.S.
One lucky person per telescope mount type will get to beg or borrow a micrometer to measure the counterweight shaft diameter, and determine the threading of the slow to remove factory toe saver nut. In exchange, they get one free!

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