Friday, May 25, 2007

This is a Twofer!

It turns out that the open borders crowd (funded by a George Soros associated group) decided to make it really easy for their side to contact their U.S. Senators, by setting up two 800 numbers (one in Spanish 1-800-882-2005, one in English 1-800-417-7666). It use Automatic Number Identification to figure out what state you are in, and therefore, who your two U.S. Senators are. Then it gives you the pitch to use--and then you can press either 1 or 2 to get either your senior or junior senator. Then you press 1 to be connected to his office. I just used it to let both Senators Craig and Crapo know that there is no acceptable amnesty for illegal aliens, and we need to build a wall.

Now, why is this a twofer? And why did I tell you exactly what buttons to push? If you call either number, you are potentially making it difficult for the open borders crowd to dial in--and you still get your message to your U.S. Senators without having to actually look up their office numbers. (And being 800 numbers, it is free--or rather, the call is being paid for by the open borders billionaires.) If you call the Spanish number, and remember to put 1 then 1 the first time, and 2 then 1 the second time you call, you are also blocking people whose English isn't good enough to call the English 800 number. This is America. Learn English!

Okay, I've made it easy for you. Do it. Now. Melt their phones!

I found this over at Michelle Malkin's blog.

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