Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Did This Gal Read This Article After She Wrote It?

It's from the student newspaper of the University of West Florida. She describes (in rather more graphic language than I will quote here) sex in a public restroom at a bar with a guy that she doesn't know all that well, and then gets upset at how others regard her behavior:
Yet that day, while attending a wedding, I joked with a friend, whom I view as a big sister in many ways, about the night before; however, she seemed rather disturbed upon hearing about my exhausting night.

At the reception, and in front of another girl who sat eavesdropping on the conversation while all of the other wedding guests were otherwise entertained, my friend surprised me with her reaction to my talking about the event. She asked me this, "What are you going to tell the guy you want to marry about your choices?"
To speak plainly, an argument ensued. She proceeded in an almost scolding manner to speak against what she termed promiscuity as I spoke in defense of myself, arguing that one night of impulsiveness was hardly promiscuous.
Oh heavens no!

Does this gal know that even if she used a condom, she's playing Russian roulette? Admittedly, instead of five empty chambers and one loaded, it's more like a hundred empty chambers--and instead of sudden death, it may be a slow, painful process with years of suffering--but the analogy still fits.

Thanks to the Bitch Girls for pointing me to this example of rationalization.

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