Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Is Planned Parenthood Trying To Make The Pro-Life Argument?

That's the only possible explanation for this amazing letter on their website:
Your Question:

Dear Experts,

I had an abortion a little over a month ago and now I'm pregnant again. What are the risks of having a second abortion?

Leann7123, 03.30.07

The Answer:

Dear Leann7123,

Abortion is a very safe procedure. It's about twice as safe as having tonsils removed, and is much safer than giving birth.

The risks for the second abortion are generally the same as for the first, if they are both performed at the same stage of pregnancy. There is no evidence that having more than one abortion causes any health problems.

However, the risks increase the longer a pregnancy goes on. That's why the most important thing is not to delay the abortion procedure. Generally, the earlier the abortion, the safer it is.

The need for abortion can be prevented by proper use of birth control. Call 1-800-230-PLAN for information about birth control and abortion services at your nearest Planned Parenthood.
The pro-choice crowd argues that women don't lightly choose to have an abortion; that it is a serious and difficult decision, and that every woman should be free to make that decision for herself. But they publish letters like this, and they demonstrate that there are some people who clearly aren't responsible enough to run around without a chastity belt.

I found this link over at The Corner.

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