Sunday, May 20, 2007

Advantages of Industry Standard Interfaces

I bought a stereo back in the Dark Ages (about 1978, I think). It had a Kenwood receiver; Acoustic Research speakers; a BIC turntable (for these black platters that you have perhaps seen in movies and museums). It was, for its time, a pretty decent, not absurdly expensive system.

Time passes. Eventually, the technology passes it by. It has been sitting in the garage for some time--and my wife wanted me to get rid of it. It still works fine (except the turntable has been replaced a couple of times). I hate to throw away something that works, and it isn't like there's a market for antique stereo equipment.

Bose has a television ad for their home stereo system that emphasizes that you really aren't experiencing movies the way that you should because you don't have the full rich stereo sound that the director intended--and they intend to help you out on this!

So I pulled the Acoustic Research speakers and the Kenwood receiver out of the garage, and hooked them up to the TV. There's an "OUT" set of RCA phono jacks on the back of the TV, and with a couple of cables, they are now connected to the AUX input jacks, on the receiver. And my, what a difference it makes on the quality of the sound!

The joys of non-proprietary interfaces!

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