Thursday, May 24, 2007

Get Out the Magnifying Glass! Someone Might Be Offended!

Adam Graham points to this demand that the incredibly tiny cross on a church on the Canyon County, Idaho seal must be removed:
Now, if you squint, you'll notice that a church with a cross on top depicted on the seal of one of Idaho's most religious counties. If you can't see the cross, get out a magnifying glass.
The Idaho Press-Tribune has the story of someone with too much time on his hands:
CANYON COUNTY — Canyon County’s official seal depicts a Christian cross on top of a church and steeple. And the religious symbol has drawn criticism from a Caldwell man and others who say it excludes people of other religious faiths and non-believers.

The county’s spokeswoman said the seal reflects the county’s values and that no one complained about the seal when officials presented it to the public and later adopted it in 2005.

County commissioners approved the new seal in November of that year, hoping it would represent modern-day Canyon County. The cross is too small to be visible in many uses of the seal, such as on county letterhead. But it is plainly visible on several larger seals displayed in the County Courthouse.

The seal depicts a scene with a river, hills, livestock, buildings and other items.

“To bring up religion at all is a violation of the Constitution,” Caldwell resident Randy Hooban said. “It’s the wrong mindset for government.”


Hooban noticed the Canyon County seal earlier this year at a Canyon County Democratic Central Committee meeting. He said he contacted the ACLU of Idaho in Boise about the seal and brought the issue up with Canyon County Commissioner Steve Rule.

Now, county attorneys are making sure they have their “ducks in a row,” spokeswoman Angie Sillonis said, in case they have to defend the seal. But she said the county has not heard from the ACLU.
Yes, count on a Democrat to make a mountain out of a molehill. I guess there's no other issues that might be a better use of his time.

If there was a naked woman on the seal, this idiot would be demanding that it stay there.

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