Monday, June 7, 2010

What Next? Satellites?

I'm really impressed with how vigorously law enforcement here pursues underage drinking.  From the June 7, 2010 Idaho Statesman:

Boise police coordinated a multi law enforcement agency “kegger patrol” Saturday night where officers broke up about half a dozen parties in the desert and gave out 67 tickets for consumption of alcohol by minors.

Boise police have been coordinating the multi-agency “kegger patrol” for graduation weekend for the past three years but this was the first time they were able to use the Civil Air Patrol to help out, Officer Jermain Galloway said Monday.


  1. Not satellites, don't be silly.

    Next will be low cost, mid-duration UAVs.

    (Funny, my word verification is "gliders".)

  2. I don't have too much problem with looking for keggers that are happening on public property. Peering into people's backyards from the air would be creepy.

  3. The issue that we have is that in America it is put out as "this is so evil, drinking... oh, you're 21? It isn't evil." mentality. You can't let your kids 12-20 and 364 days have a glass of wine with diner, to get them used to being a responsible drinker. To see what is right and wrong. To make it no big deal. Todays kids, and yesterdays kids, think that if I drink then I am so much more grown up. Everything is so illegal that when you can show your children how to be responsable you can't and when they won't listen anymore is when you have the ability to show them... The government is making it so a parent can't raise a child.

    I hope you can understand my rambling, I'm trying to get all of my thoughts out before I get sidetracked...