Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Rejection On My Next Book

The publisher that seemed interested decided it was too much of a trade book for them.  (They aren't interested in publishing books that might sell tens of thousands of copies.)  Alas, there seem not be any trade publishers anymore, unless you already have a national television or radio show, or a regularly published newspaper column.


  1. When I was trying to break into the outdoor writing trade, I had rejections from some of the biggest names in the business. Keep writing! Keep submitting!

  2. My wife used Tate Publishing out of Bartlesville, OK for testimony/devotion that she wrote. Since she was a first time author we paid some of the start up costs, but have nearly retrieved that with sales in the two months its been available. IF she writes another book, there will be no start up costs for us-
    Check them out. Since you have published before they may be willing to give it a go.
    Her contact there is Amanda Soderberg
    Hope this helps.

  3. I've read the first few chapters of "Personal Tragedies" and would love to read more. I have no experience dealing with severe mental illness and find your writing style engaging and easy for me to comprehend. Can I purchase the book in PDF or paper directly from you? Can you recommend other books on this topic that are not dry medical tomes or studies?

  4. Interesting. I contacted Tate Publishing as well. They gave me the "for first time publishers, we expect them to come up with money up front" spiel. I pointed out that I had six books already published, worked in Supreme Court decisions--and they suddenly decided that they weren't interested.

    In the Corner Thinking: email me: I might have you read the manuscript for typos and unclear writing instead of having you pay for it. Alas, books on mental illness tend to be either personal accounts such as This Stranger My Son, novels such as I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (which is powerful), or primarily scientific works.

  5. Clayton, you must be radioactive, if after six published books you can't get a nibble on a new one.

    Hate to ask this, but did the previous books sell well for their genre? I have one of them on my shelf now.

    What does your pitch material look like? Maybe that's the problem At this point you are your sole salesman. I suggested getting an agent a while back. Still think that's the way to go.