Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Storms, Planets, Satellites

We had a pretty impressive storm pass through last night.  While it blew out any hopes of doing any serious astrophotography, it was very atmospheric.  Here's a picture of one of the enormous clouds that was making north Boise County and south Valley County very exciting for a while.

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During a break in the clouds, we did manage to snap a picture of the Moon and Venus--but you can see from the motion that I didn't have the camera on anything motorized to track it.  This was a six second exposure.

It would not have tolerate any larger of a size.

And here's a picture that I took the night before just as the Moon was hitting the horizon.  You can see some Earthshine on it.

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Here's a picture I took at prime focus through Big Bertha--but I didn't have my battery charged up to operate the clock drive, so there's no detail on the crescent.

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I'm hoping to do better if the storms ever stop!

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  1. I've taught my kids to call that moon, God's Thumbnail!

    Nice calm shots.