Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Transgendered Elementary School Kids of Maine

The Transgendered Elementary School Kids of Maine

A reader sent me a link to this April 13, 2010 Fox News news story and interview about the Maine Human Rights Commission's proposal to eliminate sex-specific restrooms in elementary schools. This April 14, 2010 Bangor (Maine) Daily News article confirms that this was actually under discussion, but there are apparently a few people living in Maine still who haven't bought into the whole transgendered lie:
AUGUSTA, Maine — The Maine Human Rights Commission is backing away from controversial plans to issue new guidelines for how schools should accommodate transgender students.

Commission members decided Monday to cancel a public hearing on the issue and to shelve, at least temporarily, work on a guidance document called “Sexual Orientation in Schools and Colleges.”

The proposed guidelines have sparked a heated debate over what steps, if any, schools should take to accommodate students who identify with the opposite gender rather than with their biological sex. The issue becomes particularly thorny when dealing with questions over transgender students’ use of locker rooms and bathrooms and ability to play on athletics teams.
This isn't a matter of lunatic bureaucrats worried about issues that aren't real:
The guidance is intended to help schools follow the anti-discrimination laws within the Maine Human Rights Act and to avoid complaints against schools filed with the commission. The Penobscot County Superior Court is reviewing a commission ruling against the Orono School Department, which had denied a transgender boy from using the girls bathroom.
Keep in mind that "transgender boy" likely means a boy who has not had a sex change, but is dressing as a girl and expects everyone to treat him as a girl.

As I have pointed out in the past, this whole transgender and sex change thing makes homosexuality seem positively normal. There seems to be no stopping point on the road to destruction.

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  1. And you know it's just a matter of time before peeping Toms in these PC days say they're transgendered so they can shower with the girls.