Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bad News...Copernicus Was Wrong

Bad News...Copernicus Was Wrong

I was looking for a video explaining why the Ptolemaic system used all the stupid epicycles to explain the "loops" that planets make as we go through opposition...and I had the misfortune to discover that there are lots of websites devoted to demonstrating that not is evolution wrong, but the Earth is at the center of the universe, and not moving. Like this one:

Many huge Banks once thought to be too big to fail, have failed and others are teetering. So also with a long list of other large commercial enterprises… (and even a growing list of bankrupt countries!)

But what about False Science? That is to say: What about ALL "science" that is based upon or dependent upon the Pharisee Religion's Big Bang Paradigm of 15 billion years of Evolutionism!?[1] Is it possible that all of those lies will be revealed and replaced with the truth of a Biblical Cosmos with a non-moving Earth at the center?[2] You know: The never disproved Biblical Model where the sun, moon, and stars go around the Earth just as observed by everyone who has ever lived?[3]
And the rest of it is in that same breathless, 9/11 Truther tone. Wow.

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