Thursday, April 15, 2010

Boise Tea Party 2010

Boise Tea Party 2010

I ran over on my lunch hour, since I don't work a long ways from the statehouse. I'm not a great judge of crowd size; it might have been slightly less than last year's 3000 people, but it wasn't dramatically smaller, and I doubt that it was any larger.

If you want to know how important visuals are--I overheard a reporter from channel 7 talking to his cameraman, and he was telling him to move his camera to get video of them marching up the street to the capital, because it looked so good.

Click here for the WMV version (about 25 MB) or here for the MPG version (about 50 MB).  (If these aren't responding yet--wait until about 7:20 PM Mountain time for them to finish uploading.)

Here are stills that fairly capture the collection of signs that the crowd was carrying.  I didn't see any really outrageous signs--so I guess the "Crash the Tea Party" crowd didn't have the guts to do so.  (I did see a few signs that tell me the Birchers and conspiracy theorists were present--but only one 9/11 Truther sign.)


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