Monday, February 22, 2010

Nd Vwls!

Nd Vwls!

I am in one of those weird situations where I am trying to make sense of table names that have been disemvoweled--or almost completely disemvoweled. As an example, "ovrdrsns" might make some sense if I added some vowels. Somewhere, someone must have written a program for inserting likely vowels into disemvoweled words, keeping in mind that some consonantal dipthongs and tripthongs are common in English, so that "shll" would be re-emvoweled as shall, shell, shill, sholl, shull, shyll. Ditto for "mstwt" becomes mastwat, mastwet, mastwit, mastwot, mastwut, mastwyt. Because some vowel combinations are also common, you would get mastwait, mestwait, mistwait, mostwait, mustwait. (The last, of course, is the most common re-emvoweled combination.)

So, do you know of such a program? Or do I need to write it myself?

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