Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cuss Free Week

Cuss Free Week

It's nice to know that the California legislature has nothing more important to do. From the February 25, 2010 San Jose Mercury-News:

SACRAMENTO — Feeling a little salty, Californians? Better get it out of your system while you can.

Amid the ongoing — and occasionally tense — debate over how to clean up California's budget mess, lawmakers are trying to tidy something else, almost as unmanageable: our language. Thursday morning, the Assembly approved a ceremonial resolution turning the first week of March into "Cuss Free Week."

With the Senate expected to follow suit next week, all Californians will be asked to bite back on four-letter words and a few choice compound phrases. WT (bleep)?, you ask. Don't sweat: Police officers won't be waiting with soap. That's not the point.

Oh dear. I'm old enough to remember when the California legislature repealed the law that prohibited swearing in front of women and children--and thought that they were being hip and progressive for doing so.

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