Monday, February 15, 2010

Decent Chinese Food in the Boise Area

Decent Chinese Food in the Boise Area

One of the great disappointments when we moved to Boise was the lack of good Chinese food. The range was from insipidly bland to barely good enough to bother going out to get. Thai food? There are a number of decent choices here. We're very partial to Sad Wa Dee, in Meridian. Indian food? Fewer choices, but Madhuban on State Street in Boise is quite good.

My daughter and son-in-law recently found a delightful surprise: House of Kim, in Nampa. While it isn't quite up to the Chinese restaurants we used to eat at in the Bay Area, it is close enough that I can justify going out for Chinese again! The hot and sour soup was intense, and the egg rolls probably would not be approved by my doctor for regular consumption! The only downside is that they serve Pepsi, not Coke--but who goes to a Chinese restaurant and orders a Coke, besides me? (I don't drink Pepsi because of a bad association with very bad flu, many years ago. Something about the flavor of Pepsi brings back bad memories.)

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