Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Scale of This Fraud....

The Scale of This Fraud....

Douglas J. Keenan writes about what happened when he had a paper published pointing out that "some important research relied upon by the IPCC (for the treatment of urbanization effects) was fraudulent." And what happened as a result?

After my paper was published, the State University of New York — where the research discussed in my paper was conducted — carried out an investigation. During the investigation, I was not interviewed — contrary to the university’s policies, federal regulations, and natural justice. I was allowed to comment on the report of the investigation, before the report’s release.

But I was not allowed to see the report. Truly Kafkaesque.

The report apparently concluded that there was no fraud. The leaked files contain the defense used against my allegation, a defense obviously and strongly contradicted by the documentary record. It is no surprise then that the university still refuses to release the report. (More details on all of this — including source documents — are on my site.)

My paper demonstrates that by 2001, Jones knew there were severe problems with the urbanization research. Yet Jones continued to rely on that research in his work, including in his work for the latest report of the IPCC.

Read the discussion between Phil Jones and Tom Wigley about this, in which Wigley admits:
Seems to me that Keenan has a valid point. The statements in the papers
that he quotes seem to be incorrect statements, and that someone (WCW
at the very least) must have known at the time that they were incorrect.
And Jones says to "keep quiet." Jones knew that Keenan was correct about this--but keeping the fraud going took precedence.

The global warming believers can keep trying to spin this, but these are not the actions or statements of scientists trying to find truth.

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