Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Democrats Out Of Control & Out Of Depth

Democrats Out Of Control & Out Of Depth

A while back, it was a Democrat comparing Republican opposition to the Democratic health care reform bill to the Holocaust; now it is Senator Reid comparing opposition to the health care reform bill to slavery. From the December 8, 2009 Los Angeles Times:
WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele is renewing his demand that Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid apologize for likening health care overhaul opponents to those who resisted putting an end to slavery.

The Nevada Democrat made the assertion in a statement Monday as the Senate worked on legislation to remake the health care system, President Barack Obama's top domestic priority.
Senator Reid, since you are a Democrat, you probably didn't bother to learn history when you were in school. Here's a quick refresher for you.

1. Which political party was it that supported slavery? The Democrats.

2. Which political party attempted to limit the spread of slavery, and expressed its desire to see it abolished? The Republicans.

3. When Democrats sought to maintain the slave system, how did they do so? By passing a national law: the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.

4. Who was it that argued that slaver

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