Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Job

New Job

Well, I signed the offer letter today, and I start work for the State of Idaho on December 14. I would have preferred a private sector job, especially at a couple of the startups that I interviewed with, but if cap-and-trade passes, I suspect that private sector jobs over the next few years will end up increasingly:

1. Scamsters trading carbon credits, carbon credit futures, carbon credit derivatives, carbon credit futures derivatives, carbon credit derivatives index funds, and hedge funds holding these.

2. "Green" companies, some of which might actually produce something useful, but most of which will be high-tech versions of the solar water heater/wind generator scams of the 1980s. In short, operations that will be profitable until someone takes away the underlying tax credits, and we discover that they were hiding that the energy inputs didn't match well with the energy outputs.

If there were a serious opposition party to the Democrats, I wouldn't be so discouraged about this, but the Republican Party is nearly useless when it comes to seriously challenging the delusions associated with the global warming religion.

At least for the next few years, working for the state government is probably about as stable a job as one can hope for anymore. There was another job opportunity that I might have been offered, but it involved contract work with a job shop at HP--and talk about the definition of instability: a contractor to a company that compares unfavorably to a government agency in terms of long-term planning.

One of today's "firsts": drug testing. I have never had to give a urine sample for employment before. I know that this will be a surprise to many of you, but I have mostly worked for startups over the years, that tend not to be terribly concerned about such matters.

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