Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Palin and Obama Neck and Neck!

Palin and Obama Neck and Neck!

The December 8, 2009 Los Angeles Times has an amusing piece here about how Palin's approval rating is only one point behind Obama's approval rating in a recent CNN poll. Now, before you get too excited, and start asking for tickets to Palin's inaugural ball in January of 2013, remember that "approval" isn't the same as, "I'll vote for this person for President."

I think very highly of Palin, but I'm not sure that she's the best choice to be President. (Certainly better than Obama, but that's not a very high standard of comparison.) I would prefer someone with more executive experience, and more expertise in foreign affairs. However, Palin's integrity, intellectual consistency, and courage may end up outweighing her lack of experience and expertise. Our system of government right now is so fundamentally corrupted by money, sexual lust, and the desire for control over the lives of ordinary people, that almost anyone who might be better qualified than Palin is morally disqualified.

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