Saturday, December 5, 2009

For Those Who Think Homosexuality Is An Alternative Lifestyle

For Those Who Think Homosexuality Is An Alternative Lifestyle

Gateway Pundit has a detailed report
on the books that GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) recommends that schools offer to kids. GLSEN is the organization that Kevin Jennings used to run before Obama gave him an appointment as the "Safe Schools Czar." The books that GLSEN promotes to schools are explicit pedophile pornography--as the excerpts will demonstrate. To call these excerpts disgusting doesn't even begin to describe it--many readers will be nauseated, angry, and filled with rage seeing what one of Obama's advisors thinks is appropriate for kids.

To put it bluntly, GLSEN's book recommendations alone demonstrate that pedophilia and homosexuality are closely allied. Many homosexuals are not pedophiles--but GLSEN clearly sees these as kindred movements.

Not surprisingly, there has been a cyberattack on Gateway Pundit because homosexual activists really don't want Americans to know what depravity and evil GLSEN and similar homosexual advocacy groups are trying to put onto our kids.

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