Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not Impressed With FTP Backup

Not Impressed With FTP Backup

I've been using Synback to back up my wife's PC for several weeks now to some online storage that I have available. But my efforts to use Syncback for my PC have been much less successful. It seems to have serious problems with large files (greater than 500 MB) causing it to lose connection part way through--and worse, it keeps backing up the same files, again and again and again. The archive attribute is not working the way that it seems to work on my wife's PC (which is running Windows ME Home Edition--and that may be the difference).

Anyway, it just bogs down my Internet connection something awful. I may take advantage of the after-Christmas sales to buy a 1 terabyte external hard disk for backup. Since it is through a USB port, it's still not blindingly fast--but certainly faster than upload, and I suspect that it will handle the archive bit more sensibly. If not: I'm roll my own using XCOPY in a DOS shell.

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