Thursday, December 18, 2008

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Something that I should have thought of last winter is that when the Corvette is snowbound in the garage, it doesn't need as much insurance. When I called Progressive yesterday morning to add the Jaguar to my insurance, I asked about that. They were quite willing to remove collision and liability for the Corvette (at least as long as it was for at least one month). The Corvette still has comprehensive, and is thus covered for theft, vandalism, fire, meteor strikes, etc. As long as I don't drive it anywhere, there's no risk. The net effect of adding the Jaguar and removing the Corvette for winter was very nearly a wash--only a few dollars a month more.

Of course, I do have to remember to call Progressive back in mid-March, when there is some hope of being able to drive the Corvette again, and add it back onto the policy. I'll make up a big sign that says, "No coverage!" and put it on the dash right now.

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