Tuesday, November 4, 2008

There Is One Good Aspect To This Disaster

I mean, besides the end of, "America is a fiercely racist place" as the dominant theme of the left. And that is that this economic disaster which was largely (although not exclusively) the doing of Democrats, is now on their doorstep. They are going to try and blame it on Republicans, but two years from now, when Congress has finished going on a spending frenzy that will make the last four years of Republican control look pretty restrained, there won't be anyone left to blame but Democrats for failure to get out of the mess.

I'm glad that I am down to one house payment, and I will likely be paying off the only car payment shortly. It is probably a good time to hunker down, learn to live very modestly, and hope that Obama doesn't come up with some strategy to tax assets, once it becomes apparent that taxing higher incomes isn't going to generate the loads of revenue required to fund the orgy of spending that Democrats in Congress are going to start.

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