Friday, April 25, 2008

If HP Employees Were 10% of the Population...

If HP Employees Were 10% of the Population...

This hare-brained proposal would guarantee a Democratic victory in November. From April 24, 2008 NBC channel 11 in San Jose:
There is a buzz in Republican political circles that John McCain could pick former Hewlett-Packard Chairwoman Carly Fiorina, 53, to be his vice presidential nominee.

NBC11 political analyst Larry Gerston said a potential McCain-Fiorina ticket could inspire Republicans who think the country may be on the "precipice of change."
Oh yeah! I could see this! If McCain didn't survive his first term, Fiorina would, based on the HP experience:
  • Outsource national security to China
  • Terrorize existing employees into grim, reluctant action
  • "Buy" Mexico (and somehow, when it was over, most of our police officers and judges would be Mexican)
  • If she did for the dollar what she did for HP stock, the balance of payments problem would be solved quickly, because we would have among the lowest labor rates in the world
I don't think much of McCain, but even he isn't stupid enough to pick Empress Fiorina.

And the bad news is: I don't dislike her anywhere near as much as many HP employees do.

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