Monday, April 21, 2008

Elitist, And Proud Of It!

Elitist, And Proud Of It!

I'm always amused at how honest some Democrats are about their elitism. From Does a Little Obama 'Elitism' Go a Long Way in Politics? With: Joan Juliet Buck, Lesley Stahl, Liz Smith and Whoopi Goldberg

LESLEY: Whoopi, I think the fear the Democrats have with this issue is not because he’s a person of color. It’s because the Republicans latch onto this exact kind of argument time and again and make it work for them. As with Adlai Stevenson, with Dukakis, with Kerry, with Gore …

WHOOPI: Well, what’s the matter is the Democrats are an elitist group. That’s the truth.
A few pages later:
LIZ: Well, you know, there are a few elitist touches. I mean, Mrs. Kerry – formerly Mrs. Heinz – did go someplace, to one of those fast food restaurants. And when they offered her chili she said, "What’s chili?" That’s pretty high up there for being elitist.

WHOOPI: But you know, I’m sure that these guys, these nice Republican boys, if they came down and we said, "Do you want some neck bones?" They wouldn’t know what the hell we were talking about. The people who are out of touch are the people who are doing most of the talking. Because a lot of people who are doing most of the talking are not affected by the issues that people are talking about.

JOAN: Do you mean the press?

WHOOPI: Obama may not be affected by a lot of the issues, but his wife knows what they are.

JOAN: Isn’t there also the fact that, in a country as large and as diverse as ours, it is impossible to appeal to both the guy in the backwoods with his hunting rifle and his dog, and the Hispanics in the southwest and those weird people in Maine eating very little and praying a lot.
What's chili?

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