Monday, April 28, 2008

Beating the Bushes

Beating the Bushes

I mentioned my concern a few days ago about CNN's coverage of America's health care crisis that neglected to mention malpractice insurance as part of the problem. Today, I received one of those pieces of spam that is part of why I just abhor personal injury attorneys:
Hi To All.

Many of you know my story.

In the Fall of 2004 I came across a large ad in my local newspaper soliciting Vioxx users who may have suffered negative side effects.

My direct marketing experience told me this seemed like a very expensive,around about way to find potential clients.

That's when I came up with my "Big Idea" (see White Paper at

Well, to those of you who shared my concept and participated in our marketing program - Congratulations!

We were able to generate thousands of prospective victims and that translated into hundreds of cases that will now be part of the Vioxx settlement and will be heading to the closing table.

I knew it! I knew if we took a page from of 12 years of successful B2B direct marketing, lead generation if you will, we could apply those rules to the legal industry and be successful.

From what we learned from our Vioxx experience we were able to provide successful cases involving Zyprexa, Fosamax and we continue to work on other suspect drugs. SS and Disability cases are also now part of our program.

Our new mass emailing program is effectively beating the bushes for victims needing representation and we are able to spread a wide net in our search yet also pinpoint just the particular area our lawyers are interested in.

So, while we are not permitted to share in the "success" fee, we do share in the knowledge of doing a job well done.

Please visit us for more details on how we can be of service.

P.S. Be sure to get information on our powerful new Motorcycle Accident Aquisition program and ask us about our success in finding and delivering 7 figure Trasylol cases and Medtronics re-call victims.
Check out our new,almost ready website...

Best regards,
Jesse Levine
Services To Lawyers
(610) 825-2629
On the web:
There's no question that there are drugs and medical devices that justify filing suits. Attorneys serve a legitimate--even necessary--role in keeping doctors, pharmaceutical, and medical equipment manufacturers honest, accurate, and looking out for something other than the bottom line. But when I get solicitations like this, or see the sleazy "have you been injured?" ads on cable television, I start to get pretty upset.

Why? There are legitimately injured parties out there. They deserve representation.

There's nothing really wrong with contingency pay for lawyers in cases like these. This provides a way for someone who doesn't have the money to hire a lawyer by the hour to get zealous representation. The real problem is that because we don't have a "loser pays" system, a lot of suits get filed where the attorney doesn't really believes that there is a valid reason for the suit--it's just a form of lottery where if you attach yourself to the right case, you can make obscene amounts of money. In the tobacco lawsuit settlements, some Republicans in Congress proposed limiting the lawyers fees to $3000 per hour--and the Democrats, friends of the little guys, thought that this was unfair to the lawyers.

There is a line, one that probably can't be written into law, where this ambulance chasing really does cross the line into something obscene. Emails like this certainly rub me the wrong way.

Great. Now I have that out of my system....

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