Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Romney's Mormonism

As Bryan Fischer of Idaho Values Alliance pointed out recently, the real concern isn't that the Mormon Church will tell Romney what to do--the real concern is that Romney as governor of Massachusetts didn't pay much attention the Mormon Church's positions on important moral issues:
Fischer's problem with Romney is that he isn't Mormon enough. Romney hasn't always lined up with the church on some of its beliefs that are important to Fischer, such as opposition to abortion, Fischer said.
The Mormon church "has always been solid" when it comes to the sanctity of life," Fischer said.
"I would be much happier if (Romney) would have been guided by the core of his home church."
I don't see Romney's Mormonism as being all that important to whether he should be president or not; I see his willingness to embrace positions contrary to evangelical Christian and Mormon doctrine--and then change his mind on the national stage--as the real issue.

There are some evangelical Christians who want to make a big issue of Mormonism--but there are a fair number of people on the left that seem to want to make an issue of it as well. AlterNet, which is one of the hard left blogs, makes a point of linking to this video that explains Mormon theology (and which from my reading, is an accurate description).

I don't know if AlterNet's motivation is to damage Romney in the primaries, because they perceive him as a strong Republican nominee, or simply to promote intraparty hard feelings. But when the left decides to make this an issue, it is a pretty good piece of evidence that this issue is bad for America.

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