Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Do NOT Want To Give Up My Corvette

But it isn't looking good. My rationale for maybe buying a beater 4WD was, "They keep state highway 55 pretty well cleared--I only need to get back and forth to the Old Highway." But last night, I was following a snowplow, and this weird slushy snow was falling at the summit--and I could only go about 5 mph. If I turned off traction control, I could get a little more speed, but it was mostly going sideways, which is not particularly useful. I had to park on the shoulder--it wasn't going anywhere.

I drove a Subaru Impreza today--the stripper model sedan. I was really impressed--very, very nimble handling, and I could definitely feel the benefits of all wheel drive as I was cornering. It is obviously not going to have the cornering capabilities of the Corvette, but it was surprisingly fun to drive because of the crispness of the steering.

I would prefer a station wagon, but the salesman told me that there was no Impreza wagon--you had to move up to the pricier models to get a station wagon. I am going to assume that because he was new there, that he didn't know that there is an Impreza wagon. I can see that the dealer actually has one in inventory, so it couldn't be, "We don't have it so it doesn't exist."

I also drove a 2002 Subaru Outback with 36,000 miles--which they were asking only a few hundred dollars less for it than the new 2008 Impreza. Yes, it was more spacious, but it didn't feel as nimble--and for a used car out of warranty, that's pretty silly.

I suppose that I should drive the Suzuki SX4 Crossover, and maybe the Suzuki Aerio AWD as well. I really, really don't want to give up the Corvette, but it is increasingly apparent that I need something for December through mid-March. The ideal would be if there was someone with a new 4WD who lived in Boise, and was willing to swap it for the Corvette during the winter. But even Boise in winter isn't exactly optimum Corvette driving conditions.

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