Friday, December 14, 2007

If You Live in the Eugene, Oregon Area

If You Live in the Eugene, Oregon Area

and you are looking for a telescope--this appears to be a spectacular deal. The seller thinks that it is a Parks 10" f/5 reflector (no mount, just the OTA). He's trying to get $200 for it. This is about 1/8th of what I would expect it to sell for new. Parks is a well respected maker of traditional Newtonian reflectors. They may not be quite as stupendous as their ads make them sound, but they do have a good reputation for being a real step up from the average Meade or Celestron reflector.

If I lived within two hours of Eugene, I would run over there, take a look, and probably buy it--just because it is so cheap that with a little effort, and assuming that it is in the condition described, you can probably find a buyer willing to pay several times that much. If you invest about $600 in a used equatorial mount for it, you could have a very nice setup for astrophotography. (Assuming that the sky ever clears in Eugene.)

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