Friday, November 30, 2007

Huckabee Must Be Doing Well in the Polls

A Fred Thompson supporter encouraged me to link to this collection of video clips of Huckabee supporting higher taxes, SCHIP, more immigration, and a national ban on smoking inside any business.

Smoking is a really vile habit, one that I hope will some day disappear. But with most private businesses, you don't have to go inside if you don't want to put up with smoking. If you want a non-smoking alternative, you can usually find one. I am not comfortable with states passing these kinds of bans (as Huckabee got passed in Arkansas), and it is an extraordinary reach to propose a national ban.

Huckabee is trying to portray himself as a social conservative, with whom the smoking bans will probably go over well. But federalism is an important principle, one that Huckabee doesn't seem to understand.

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