Sunday, November 11, 2007

Comet 17P/Holmes

I mentioned this a week or two back--a comet that went from barely visible telescopically to naked eye in a few hours. There's a finder chart here that shows how to find it. (It has moved noticeably closer to Cassiopeia since that photograph was taken October 30.) It will be a fuzzy patch to the naked eye (at least, if you have skies as dark as mine). But put some decent binoculars on it, and oh my!

I don't see any tail on it yet, but perhaps with Big Bertha and the 85mm eyepiece, there might be some chance.

Tomorrow night, a little earlier in the evening, I will be rolling out one of my telescopes and trying to photograph it.

UPDATE: I probably should have jumped at the chance last night. The clouds have come in.

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