Friday, November 16, 2007

For Those Who Think There's No Overlap

For Those Who Think There's No Overlap

In some circles, I am considered a "homophobe" for pointing out that there are homosexual activists who are pedophiles--and don't see these two categories as disjoint sets. For a very long time, homosexual activists were reluctant to separate themselves from groups like the North American Man-Boy Love Association.

There are still a number of pedophiles out there who apparently didn't get the memo, and are still loudly homosexual and loudly pedophiles, like this guy, who runs the NGblog. Here he is whining that ENDA (the sexual orientation non-discrimination bill working its way through Congress) doesn't go far enough in protecting the "transgendered." Here he is complaining that sex offender laws and laws against child pornography are a bad thing. Here he is organizing a boycott of a particular business because they contribute to what he calls the "homophobic Boy Scouts."

Oh, and according to this website, it is the NGblog because "NG" is "Nelson Garcia," a level one sex offender in New York State, and a member of NAMBLA. Unfortunately, the New York State Sex Offender Registry doesn't let you look up level one sex offenders online. It sounds like the ACLU has been busy:
You can access the Subdirectory on this web site by clicking on the "Search Subdirectory " button. You can search for level 2 and level 3 offenders by name, county or zip code. Please note that a federal court injunction currently prohibits the release of information on this web site concerning sex offenders who committed their crime prior to January 21, 1996 and were assigned a risk level prior to January 1, 2000, unless they have had an opportunity for a due process hearing.
Of course, to be a sex offender you have to have been convicted of a crime, which should qualify as due process, but I am guessing that someone argued that being listed as a sex offender requires a separate due process hearing.

There is this Bronx District Attorney's office report (on p. 26) that discusses a "Nelson Garcia" who was convicted of mailing a DVD of child pornography to what he thought was a 14 year old. (Actually a cop.) There are a number of other items that make it likely that NGblog is that of Nelson Garcia, the convicted sex offender.

This pretense that pedophiles are fundamentally different from homosexuals--that a person who identifies himself as a homosexual can't be a pedophile and vice versa--is simply false. There are pedophiles who identify themselves as heterosexual, as homosexual, and bisexual. The media have done a really good job of pretending that there's no overlap--and yet the NGblog is one of those reminders that this is simply not true.

If pedophilia is truly a "sexual orientation," will ENDA protect pedophiles who want a job at the day care center? And on what basis will you reject such person, if ENDA passes?

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