Tuesday, June 12, 2007

When Swordfish Snouts Are Outlawed...

Only criminals will have swordfish snouts. I guess gun control is pretty effective in Australia. From the June 13, 2007 New Zealand Herald:

Home invaders attack man with swordfish snout

11:15AM Wednesday June 13, 2007

A man has been attacked with a swordfish snout in a home invasion in central Queensland, police say.

Police said two men let themselves into an occupied caravan in Bundaberg, about 11.30pm (AEST) yesterday.

They then attacked the 40-year-old male resident with a swordfish snout, described as cartilage with a row of serrated teeth, before fleeing.

The man was treated by paramedics for cuts to his back, hands and arms.

Police are investigating the attack.

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