Saturday, June 9, 2007

Some Stuff Is Just Too Painful To Research

I've just updated this posting about a Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision that makes me so angry that I have to go blow off this steam. I am enraged. The ACLU's wonderful theories and the raving morons that made up (and still make up) the Massachusetts high court combine the worst of lawyer arrogance with the most absurd understanding of mental illness. It sounds like this kid has at least a chance of recovering from paranoid schizophrenia--and these arrogant idiots, in pursuit of a fantasy world, pretty well destroyed any chance of that. Isaac and Armat's Madness in the Streets, p. 149, describes the net effect of this decision on his family, and most importantly, on Roe.

I don't care how much good the ACLU has done over the years. The amount of damage that they have done consigns them to one of Dante's lowest circle of hell.

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