Saturday, June 9, 2007

West Virginia Signs A CCW Reciprocity Agreement With Ohio

The Buckeye Firearms Association web site
(which I have now added to the blogroll) links to this press release from the West Virginia Attorney-General, announcing that West Virginia and Ohio will now recognize each other's concealed handgun licenses.

“West Virginians with valid concealed handgun permits are allowed to carry concealed handguns in KY, VA, NC, OH, FL and SD pursuant to existing and new reciprocity agreements. We are currently in active discussion with other states. We have received recognition by Michigan, Montana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Vermont, but we do not have a reciprocity agreement with the states,” stated Attorney General Darrell McGraw.
I can't seem to find anything that indicates whether West Virginia recognizes all carry permits issued by those other states or not, or limits it to licenses issued to residents of those states. It would be very nice if they recognized all carry permits, because then I could add West Virginia to my list of states in which I'm allowed to carry concealed.

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