Monday, March 20, 2006

My Domain Expired A Few Days Ago

I never received a renewal notice, so I now scrambling to get it renewed. If you can read this today (March 20), I'm surprised.

UPDATE: Actually, I may have received notification from Network Solutions, but when I checked my account, I noticed that the contact information (email, SnailMail, and phone number) were all unchanged from when I first registered the domain, when I still lived in California. I never updated them--and not surprisingly, they had a hard time informing of imminent expiration of my domain. (Consider this a word to the wise.)

Oddly enough, when I blogged the first part of this entry, I could not get access to anything associated with the domain Blogger managed to get the entry put in the right place, probably because it was using either the actual IP address (you know, the four numbers separated by periods that are what domain names end up resolving to), or more likely, Blogger's DNS (Domain Name Service) tables had not been updated yet to make disappear.

It may still be a few hours before everyone in the world can see my web page--and my email is still down--but that's one of the consequences of the distributed nature of DNS. It can take hours to days for all of the DNS servers to get updates with the correct IP address again for

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