Monday, March 13, 2006

House Project: No Longer The Moron Bookmobile

Getting the last little steps done on the house is taking forever. The builder is going to make one more try at the "bend the hinge pins" trick to solve the doors closing themselves, and then I will work on my approach, which is more elegant, but requires me to spend some time with the lathe (which is currently behaving like it has become a meth addict--more about this later today). The tile guy is supposed to run up this week and replace the cracked tiles and grout. The builder claims that he is going to get the mailbox installed as well--although since there is a thick layer of snow here on the valley floor, I'm a bit skeptical this will happen soon.

In any case, we made another run up there a few days ago with more books, but at least we now have an adequate supply of book boxes to do it in, so it is no longer books flopping loosely in the back of my wife's Equinox.

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And in case you are wondering: that oddly misshappen globe is my son's third or fourth grade history project--a globe made by applying paper-machie to a balloon. And yes, that is about Sir Francis Drake's voyages.

Last house project entry.

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