Saturday, March 4, 2006

House Project: Front Drain In

Okay, so we drove up there Friday night, and the rain and snow had been pouring all day. We get there, and the drain in the drainage channel at the front door of the garage is in place.

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But there was a snowdrift in front of the garage door--and inside, while not anywhere near as bad as before ("A River Runs Through It"), there was still a bit of water accumulated.

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I'm not sure what is left to do, without extending the roofline several feet--and because the snow was blowing horizontal on the garage door at the time, I am not sure that this would make much of a difference.

Anyway, we were able to get quite a few more books on the shelves in the office.

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But we are also starting to move my wife's literature books, and since those are going on bookshelves not yet moved (or even completely emptied), they are sitting in little forlorn piles in the corner.

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On the way back out, we experienced what is probably the reason this area hasn't developed a bit faster--horizontal snow. I am really wondering if putting a wind generator on our hill wouldn't quickly pay for itself in electricity generated. The snow was flying into us at about twenty degrees below parallel to the ground, and once we started driving, it seemed to be going completely horizontal.

My wife and I, both be California kids, have no experience with snowstorms this intense. The combination of the huge amount of it falling, that it is coming straight at the windshield, and in the dark, meant that we were beginning to have serious second thoughts about driving back down to Boise--perhaps camping out for the night in the new house. It was just on the edge of scary.

We went back up Saturday with more books, and then did a careful inspection of the tile. The tile guy is supposed to come back this coming week to replace some cracked tiles--probably caused by settling over the last several months, as well as temperature changes. We went through very carefully, marking every cracked tile or cracked grout.

The builder still doesn't have a solution for the three doors that close themselves. A common trick of bending the hinge pin to increase friction doesn't seem to be doing it. I think that I may have come up with a very clever solution--perhaps clever enough to be patentable--and it doesn't require removing or altering the hinges. I'll keep my mouth shut for a few days, until I get a chance to fiddle with this idea in my machine shop.

Last house project entry.

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