Monday, December 26, 2005

House Project: Fun in the Mud

No pictures, but my wife and I ran up to the house this afternoon to dig a couple of drainage ditches to empty the small lake next to the garage. This was an ugly, filthy, muddy task, with the clay sucking my boots down until I was afraid that they were going to pull right off my feet. The builder finally came from Christmas vacation, and agrees that he needs to at least grade the area a bit better to get the water to not pool. The next step if this doesn't solve it will be putting in the drainage pipes to move the water away from the house.

There's still a river flowing through the garage (okay, only a river by Los Angeles standards), but when we were washing off our muddy boots at the end of the day, we noticed that water was getting past the drain in the driveway, and ending up in the garage. The builder is going to work on extending that drain into the garage floor.

The builder is also going to get the water filter issue resolved on Tuesday. Either the vendor makes it work, or takes it back, and we go to undersink lead filters instead.

Last house project entry.

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