Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pia Varma for Congress

Pia Varma for Congress

This isn't really an endorsement, since I haven't spent much time investigating--but someone is working very hard (and successfully) to mix the MTV sensibilities that elected the Zero with libertarian/conservative policies in a very attractive package! Pia is the daughter of East Indian immigrants from Britain who apparently found its socialist ways too hard to handle, and came to America. If you live in Pennsylvania's First Congressional District--take a look!

Snowflakes in Hell had some nice things to say about her
--essentially, she doesn't stand a chance, but wow, what an impressive effort! I'm glad to see someone making the effort.

I somewhat regret not making another attempt at unseating Tim Corder for Idaho State Senate, but realistically, there's no way for me to do that. I'm too busy teaching and working full-time, and Corder, being fairly liberal, is a good fit for district 22. Idaho has a largely undeserved reputation for being conservative, and Boise and Elmore Counties, very clearly are not conservative. I see that Marla Lawson in Lowman is challenging Corder in the Republican primary this time around, so Corder will have to justify his support for various liberal bills, but realistically, much of the population in this district doesn't much care what the government does, and those that do, tend to like Corder's RINOism.

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