Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Not Quite Successful Scams

More Not Quite Successful Scams

One very favorite type of scam is to order products and then send a check for too much--and then have the vendor issue a refund check. An order comes in for $5000 worth of stuff, with $200 worth of shipping. The order comes with a $6000 check or credit card number--and only after you you have shipped the product, and issued an $800 refund, do you find out that the $6000 check is a forgery, or the credit card number wasn't authorized by the card holder.

One of these scams arrived in my email today:
Hello Sir/Madam,
This is Scott Harrison,with regards to your Company I am sending this email regards to order some Tilt Vise, from your company.I will like to know the models and prices you have available for sales, excluding shipping so that I will tell you the quantity I will be ordering,and also if you accept credit card as a method of payment.Thanks and hope to hear back from you as soon as possible.

Warm Regards,

Scott Harrison
W133 N4960 Campbell Dr.
Menominee Falls, WI 53051
I don't sell anything called a "Tilt Vise." For someone who lives in Wisconsin, his English is astonishingly poor. It is hard to imagine that many businesses fall for something this transparently fraudulent--but some must, or I wouldn't have this stuff filling up my inbox.

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