Monday, April 23, 2007

There Are Things Worse Than Gun Accidents

The gun control movement works very, very hard to give you the impression that lots of kids get killed in gun accidents. It isn't true. Every such accident is a tragedy, and one that doesn't need to happen.

You do have your gun properly secured, right? I hope so--not just to protect your child, or your child's friend, but to make sure a burglar doesn't use it on you.

But stories like this are a reminder that there are situations worse than a gun accident. Much worse:
Tied up and left to die in a burning apartment, a Columbia student used the blaze set by her sadistic rapist to free herself, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said yesterday.

"It appears she was able to escape as a result of the fire," Kelly said. "She was tied, and the flame was used by her to break the bond."

The 23-year-old woman, identified by sources as a student at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, endured 19 hours of rape and torture at the hands of a sick creep in her Hamilton Heights apartment Friday night.

In what Kelly called a "particularly vicious" assault, the fiend tied his victim to a bed, cut her, raped her, burned her with scalding water and chemicals - and then set the woman's futon on fire to cover up the crime, police said.

He was so brutal he slit her eyelids, Kelly said.

The student used the flames to free herself and fled her fifth-floor apartment with her hands still bound to each other to get help from a neighbor, officials said.
Bitter over at The Bitch Girls linked to this story after explaining that this is why she has a pistol on her nightstand.

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